Our Services & Compensation


  • Full Service Stock Brokerage *

             -Stocks and Bonds                                          

             -Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities

             -Alternative Investments                                  

             -Investment Advisory Services

  • Full Service Insurance Agency

             -Life, Health, Long Term Care, Disability

             -Fixed Annuities, Medicare Supplements

  • Income Tax Planning

             -Tax planning projection

             -Reduction analysis for individuals & businesses

  • Retirement Planning *

             -Determination of retirement financial need

             -Worry free retirement planning

             -Complete pension and retirement plan analysis

  • Estate Planning

             -Federal/State inheritance tax planning         

             -Probate avoidance techniques

             -Aid families to transfer assets without complication at death

  • Corporate Planning

             -Strategic preparation for growth and stability

             -Exit strategy planning for retirement

  • Divorce Planning

             -Couple cooperative divorce advocacy          

             -Valuation and division of marital assets

             -Individual financial case preparation with Attorneys

  • Investment, Budget, and Saving Analysis *

             -Investment, budget, and saving principles       

             -Techniques to help grow wealth

             -Asset allocation, economic fundamentals



The Financial Sense People, including Barbara Stetzko as a CFP Professional, is entitled to compensation in the form of commision or fees. You will always know if there will be a charge for our service prior to making any commitment.